Tait TM9315 2 Digit

The TM9315 mobile offers MPT, trunked DMR, conventional DMRand Analog FM operation. Its rugged design delivers straight forward voice communications in demanding environments.  

Achieve more with your radio network. The most flexible devices and networks, with smart voice and data applications. Improve workforce safety with smart features such as Location Services, Tait GeoFencing, and Lone Worker functionality.  

Tait TM9315 2 Digit Series 

  • TM9315 features to improve workforce safety
    Digital technology improves audio quality and reduces background noise to ensure clear communications  
  • Tait GeoFencing
  • Automation Radios can automatically take a range of actions based on location, such as change modes, send messages, hazardous area alert, activate lone worker features, or activate radio I/Os toturn lights on  
  • Improve your organization’s efficiency 100 channel/talk-group capacity gives considerable flexibility 
  • Facilities to improve network security  
  • Optional 56bit DES encryption ensures privacy of conversations  
  • Designed to perform in demanding environments  
  • High power external speaker option  
  • Voice communications delivering on operational needs  
  • Quad mode terminal offering, Conventional DMR Tier 2conventional FM, MPT 1327 and trunked DMR (software option) in one device 
  • Compete package with accessories portfolio
    Audio accessories are available including microphones and external speakers 
  • Smart features 
    Low standby power consumption 
  • Flexible and Easy to Use 
    Channel Authorization for DMR Tier 2 and Tier 3 gives users confidence their call will be heard 
  • Data Services Short data messages for location, status, and text  
  • Future proof multi-mode (DMR trunked, DMR conventional, MPT 1327 and conventional analog FM)  
  • Roaming between MPT and DMRTier 3 trunked networks  
  • Roaming between FM Conventional and DMRTier 2 Networks  
  • Open DMR standard provides choice and interoperability  
  • Engineered for use in demanding environments with IP54 rating  
  • Audio clarity provided by noise reducing digital technology  
  • High quality audio  
  • A range of accessories including hands free microphones and GPS antennas  
  • GPS capable to improve efficiency and safety  
  • Support for digital encryption

Recommended Applications

  • Retail

  • Malls

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Events

  • Warehouse

  • Education

  • Executive

Tait TM9315 2 Digit Parts and Accessories