Tait TP9458 IS 4 Keys

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Built Tait Tough, the flexible TP9458 4-Key IS portables offer both analog and digital modes including P25 Phase 2, and strong encryption management capability in one device.  Intrinsically Safe TP9458 4-Key IS portables are engineered to operate safely in hazardous environments, with the highest Class 1 Division 1 gas ratings in the market. Offering protection from the most volatile gases ensures your people have communications they can depend on. This enables faster safety assessment when responding to the unknown, and allows use of Tait radios in Hazardous locations where other IS radio use today may be limited. Improve workforce safety with smart features such as Location Services, Tait GeoFencing, and Man Down functionality. 

Tait TP9458 IS 4 Keys

  • Delivers on the P25 Standards
    The TP9458 IS meets the spectral efficiency, multi-vendor interoperability, security, migration, and data capability demanded by the P25 standards. It is TIA-102 P25 CAP tested, providing multi-vendor interoperability and giving your organization greater choice and flexibility.
  • Class I Division 1 Intrinsically Safe
    Designed for maximum safety in the field, the TP9458 IS portable radio has the highest Class 1 Division 1 gas ratings in the market, meeting safe operation standards for hazardous environments.
  • Improve workforce safety
    The TP9458 IS is equipped with several safety features as standard, including Man Down and Lone Worker. The programmable emergency key is easily accessible and highly visible, and the inbuilt GPS transmits location over your conventional voice network, making it easy to locate someone should they require assistance.
  • Efficient, security-focused management
    TP9458 IS management facilities and applications allow you to efficiently manage your radio fleet through over-the-air-rekeying (OTAR), Key Fill Device (KFD) for fast, reliable encryption key programming.
  • Designed for demanding environments
    The TP9458 IS is designed in collaboration with users to ensure effective, every day operation in challenging conditions.
  • High-performing voice communications
    The TP9458 IS operates in analog, P25 Phase 1 conventional/trunked andP25 Phase 2, with an automatic dual mode between analog and P25 Phase 1 conventional.
  • Effective operation with voice and data
    The TP9458 IS offers support for a variety of simulcast modes, such as LSM and C4FM. Efficiency can be increased through its data capability, including pre-set status messaging, P25 data (such as emergency GPS location), conventional and trunked IP data, and location services over a conventional and trunked network.
  • Complete package and accessories
    The TP9458 IS is compatible with a portfolio of Intrinsically Safe audio accessories, including speaker-microphones, headsets, and earpieces. It also offers an Intrinsically Safe Li-ion battery and an Intrinsically Safe compatible charger. 
  • Flexible and Easy to Use 
    Clear communication with P25 AMBE+2 enhanced digital vocoder and digital noise suppression software  
  • P25 choice and interoperability 
    Benefit from the spectral efficiency,  multi-agency response,  multi-vendor interoperability, security, migration and data capability demanded by the P25 standards 
  • Tait Tough – Designed for demanding environments 
    Water-shedding grill maintains transmitted voice clarity and high audio volume in wet environments 
  • Complete package with accessories portfolio  
    Intrinsically Safe audio accessories including speaker- microphones,  headsets and earpieces 
  • ExtensiveNetwork Capabilities 
    Future proof multi-mode flexibility offering analog, P25 Phase 1 conventional/trunked and P25 Phase 2 trunked  
  • Personalization options 
    Choose from 4-key (TP9458) and 16-key (TP9468) radios  
  • Improve workforce safety  
    Programmable emergency key is easily accessible and highly visible 
  • Tait EnableFleet industry leading configuration management system 
    Total visibility of your fleet from a secure,  central point of control 
  • Secure communications 
    Radio inhibit and uninhibit to allow management of misplaced or stolen radios  

Recommended Applications

  • Retail

  • Malls

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Events

  • Warehouse

  • Education

  • Executive

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