Why Digital Migration Is Essential To Your Business

Benefits of Digital Two-Way Radio

The benefits of digital two-way radio technology have revolutionized communication in various industries and organizations. Unlike traditional analog radios, digital two-way radios offer a plethora of advantages, ranging from superior audio quality and extended battery life to enhanced security features and efficient data transmission. In this discussion, we will delve into the numerous advantages that digital two-way radios bring to the table, highlighting how they have become an indispensable tool for seamless and reliable communication in today’s fast-paced world.
Today, the migration from analog to digital is transforming the industry of professional mobile communications.

Digital Two-Way Radio Base Station, Mobile & HandheldWith benefits that analog systems have no way to achieve, digital technologies enable you to communicate smoothly, respond instantly, and operate efficiently with superior performance and versatile applications.

A complete and scalable digital communication solution is what you expect. Who can deliver the best one?

Hytera, a leading provider of PMR terminal and system, keeps turning mature and advanced technologies into solutions that you can rely on in challenging times. With insights of end user demands, Hytera has launched its innovative DMR portfolio, fully compliant to ETSI DMR open standard. Find all you need for your digitization and, thus, organizational efficiency improvement with Hytera DMR Series: portable radio, mobile radio, repeater, multi-site IP connection, simulcast system and trunking system*.

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Digital Mobile Radio AssociationDigital Mobile Radio (DMR) is an open digital two-way radio standard produced by European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI). Being capable of voice, data and a range of other features and applications in conventional and trunking mode, DMR has received global recognitions*.

As a premium member of DMR Association, Hytera has mastered this technology. All our DMR products fully meet ETSI DMR requirements and feature innovative applications.

Digital Two-Way Radio – Advanced Digital Technology

  1. Higher Spectrum Efficiency
    Benefiting from the TDMA technology, our DMR products allow twice the channels based on the same bandwidth. This is a big help to relieve the stress of increasing shortage in spectrum resource.
    Higher Spectrum Efficiency
  2. Compatible with Analog Mode
    Our DMR products can operate in either analog or digital mode. It is compatible with the prevalent analog system, ensuring a smooth analog-to-digital transition.
  3. Superior Voice
    With the combined application of narrowband codec and digital error-correction technologies, our DMR products can ensure you superior voice even in noisy environments or at the edge of the coverage area.
    Digital Two-Way Radio Quality and Signal Strength Graph
  4. Affordable Networking
    With TDMA technology, you just need a repeater, an antenna and a duplexer to build a system with two logic channels. Compared with FDMA, the two-slot TDMA provides remarkable bandwidth efficiency equivalent to that of 6.25kHz, minimizing your costs.
  5. Affordable NetworkingSecure Communication
    Communication on analog channels is eavesdropped on easily. But now with DMR technology, your communication can be secured by either signaling or ID (up to 16776415 IDs), and what’s more, our DMR products are equipped with a multi-level privacy mechanism comprising analog scrambler*1, digital software and hardware encryption (256-bit encryption algorithm), offering enhanced protection for your communication.
  6. Durable Battery
    Compared with analog and FDMA technology, TDMA can enhance the battery’s duty time by about 40%.
  7. Rich Data Services
    In addition to conventional communication services, our DMR products are also known for rich data services such as Message, GPS and Telemetry.
  8. Versatile Voice Calls
    The DMR intelligent signaling can realize various voice calls, including PTT ID, Private Call, Group Call, All Call, Emergency Call and Remote Monitor.

Digital Two-Way Radio – Pioneer Services & Functions

  1. Dual-slot Pseudo Trunk
    With this Hytera innovated feature, the free slot can be dynamically allocated to a member who needs to communicate, enhancing frequency efficiency.
  2. Advanced Encryption
    Our DMR products provide the 128-bit AES encryption with enhanced key management to secure your communication.
  3. Multi-site IP Connection*2
    The scattered repeaters, in despite of the frequency band, can be connected via IP to create a wide communication network.