The TAIT AXIOM Mobile TMX550 is equipped with dual SIM slots, enabling it to connect to two cellular networks simultaneously. This feature enhances coverage and redundancy, ensuring reliable connectivity. Additionally, the TMX550 serves as a mobile WiFi hotspot, extending the range for smart devices in and around the vehicle. This WiFi boosts productivity for field staff across various locations.

At its core, the TMX550 is an LTE mobile radio with gateway access to DMR networks. Users can stay connected to dispatch and teams through national cellular carriers, including those on radio networks, thanks to the optional DMR Network Gateway.

One notable feature of the TMX550 is its handheld control head, which can be conveniently installed anywhere within the vehicle. It includes a built-in 3W speaker, and the power over Ethernet connection can easily extend the control head cable to the desired length.

The TMX550 offers a standard 12-pin connection and a 9-pin serial RS232 port, expanding in-vehicle machine-to-machine connectivity options. This option allows for the integration of audio accessories and sensors. This feature makes the TMX550 a versatile hub for all your in-vehicle technology needs.

With access to various auxiliary devices and sensors, a more comprehensive range of data can be processed at the edge, leading to increased automation of tasks. This access saves time and reduces risks associated with manual intervention.

The TMX550 caters to today’s broadband-connected workforce while still providing the capability to connect with users on LMR networks when required. It combines the reliability of traditional communication with the smart features expected from modern devices.

Tait TMX550

  • Take Your Business Everywhere
    Coordinate your workforce, communicating more efficiently everywhere you go, using easily accessible nationwide cellular networks.
  • Boost The Range Of Your Productivity
    Turn your vehicle into a communications hotspot, boosting the range of connected portable devices and productivity for the people using them.
  • Keep Working Past the Network Edge
    Ensure work continues, even outside the range of any communications, by hosting and processing workforce applications and their data locally.
  • Work Smarter, Everywhere You Go
    Enable dispatchers to efficiently coordinate your mobile workforce, free from the constraints of operating within a single communications network, by making WiFi, Ethernet, and public and private cellular instantly available through an intelligent vehicle network.
  • Extend Work Processes to the Edge
    Remove the reliance on remote access to centralized applications by executing work processes locally on a customizable Linux-based edge computing platform.
  • Automate Manual Routines Using External Inputs
    Build and execute workflows on the device using external inputs like location, proximity to sensors or data from Third-party providers to trigger preconfigured actions normally performed manually by the user.
  • Simply And Ensure Secure Data Exchange
    Reduce the complexity and security risk of managing multiple in-vehicle devices by assigning one powerful appliance the responsibilities of a broadband access point, IP router, and communications manager.
  • Ultimate Connectivity
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Wireless Programming and Device Management
  • Extensive M2M Interface
  • Hand Held Control Head (HHCH)
  • Automate Manual Routines Using Location Data
  • Control Head Extension
  • Multi-Bearer Antenna Kit
  • Rugged External Speaker

Tait TM9315 in use by Trucker

Recommended Applications

  • Retail

  • Malls

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Events

  • Warehouse

  • Education

  • Executive