Tait Radios

Tait DMR Radios

Tait’s Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) technology provides a wide range of voice and data applications that offer numerous benefits to radio network users. The platform is designed specifically for various industries, including Utilities, Transport, Mining, Oil & Gas, and more, and is capable of enhancing worker safety and efficiency. Tait’s DMR products are available in two tiers, Tier 2 (conventional) and Tier 3 (trunked), and adhere to the open standards set by the DMR Association, ensuring compatibility with other compliant equipment. With the ability to transmit both voice and data, Tait DMR offers users a powerful combination of control, flexibility, and resilience. Tait’s portable radios are designed to meet the diverse needs of challenging environments, offering users reliable communication and adhering to open standards. Additionally, they can be used in conjunction with Tait systems such as DMR Tier 3, Tait Enable management tools, and Tait Unified Solutions, all of which can greatly enhance organizational efficiency. Tait’s DMR mobile radios are engineered to deliver superior digital voice and data, usability, and secure communication in demanding conditions. They come equipped with various features that can improve safety and efficiency for mission-critical organizations. Tait’s base stations and repeaters are designed to provide unbeatable performance and reliability, adhere to DMR standards, and ensure interoperability with other vendors, providing organizations with greater flexibility to meet their specific needs.

Tait P25 Radios

The P25 portable radios are meticulously crafted to endure the challenging conditions encountered by public safety personnel. Tait’s P25 portables incorporate a wide array of safety-enhancing features, delivering clear audio, dependable connections, and interoperability that’s crucial for those dedicated to serving their communities. The P25 mobile radios are engineered for optimal performance in difficult conditions and offer exceptional digital audio clarity, intuitive user interfaces, and secure communication. Tait’s P25 mobiles offer an expansive set of features that present public safety agencies with more choices and help create more efficient networks. The P25 base stations and repeaters are designed for mission-critical operations, providing unparalleled reliability and performance. You can trust Tait base stations even during large-scale emergencies or natural disasters. They are open-standards compliant, ensuring interoperability with other agencies, and providing your organization with more options to meet your unique requirements. We are fully equipped to design, deploy, support, and manage P25 conventional (simulcast) and trunked (simulcast) communication systems. The P25 radio networks are created in direct consultation and collaboration with our users, resulting in cost-effective, scalable, and flexible networks that are interoperable with analog or other P25 equipment.

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