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The flexible TM9355 Graphical Control Head offers conventional, trunked DMR operation, full MPT1327, and analog conventional FM in one device.

Achieve more with your radio network. Tait has the most flexible devices and networks, with smart voice and data applications.

Improve workforce safety with smart features such as Location Services, Tait GeoFencing, and Lone Worker functionality.

Supercharge the performance of your TM9355 with TAIT AXIOM Mobile options to provide edge computing and applications processing, WiFi vehicle area networks, and LTE connectivity.

Tait TM9355 Control Head features to improve workforce safety

  • Lone Worker as standard
  • Tait GeoFencing Automation Radios can automatically take a range of actions based on location, such as change modes, send messages, hazardous area alerts, activate lone worker features, or activate radio I/Os to turn lights on.
  • Improve your organization’s efficient Text messaging for enhanced and unambiguous communications.
  • Privacy features
    The trunked operation allows for individual and private calls within designated groups.
  • This radio has the facilities to improve network security when operating in DMR mode, and all terminals must be authenticated on the network before being given access.
  • Designed to perform in demanding environments
  • Configurable to suit your needs: dual head (Large or Hand Held Control Head) and remote mount 19ft and 40ft options
  • Voice communications delivering on operational needs Quad mode terminal offering Trunked DMR, Conventional DMR, MPT 1327, and analog conventional FM in one device.
  • Flexible and Easy to Use Channel Authorization for DMR Tier 2 and Tier 3 gives users confidence in their calls.
  • Complete package with accessories portfolio
  • Graphical Control head with built-in 3W speaker with the standard microphone or optional alphanumeric keypad microphone with backlight
  • Data Services
    Embedded data for location
  • Future-proof multi-mode (DMR trunked, DMR conventional, MPT 1327, and conventional analog FM)
  • Roaming between MPT/DMRTier 3 trunked networks and FM Conventional/DMRTier 2 networks
  • Open DMR standard provides choice and interoperability
  • Engineered for use in demanding environments with an IP54 rating
  • Audio clarity provided by noise-reducing digital technology
  • High-quality audio
  • A range of accessories like hands-free microphones and GPS antennas
  • GPS improving efficiency and safety
  • Support for digital encryption

Recommended Applications

  • Retail

  • Malls

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Events

  • Warehouse

  • Education

  • Executive

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