Tait TB9300 Series

The Tait TB9300 Base Stations are conventional or trunked, IP connected, digital base stations for DMR Tier 2 or Tier 3 networks. The functionality of these base stations allows for flexible network designs and easy migration paths from analog networks to DMR.

The Tait TB9300 Base station is a multi-mode platform: Analog conventional, MPT and DMR. 

The TB9300 provides a 6.25kHz equivalent operation in digital mode and is fully compliant with DMRTier 2 and Tier 3 standards. The TB9300 offers a spectrally efficient solution, allowing you to gain greater capacity, and future-proof your investment. It also provides operational efficiencies through capabilities such as remote network management and IP connectivity. 

Opting for the TB9300 Base Station provides many benefits, starting with its flexibility. The TB9300 operates in multiple modes, including Analog Conventional, MPT-1327, DMR Tier 2, and DMR Tier 3. Additionally, the TB9300 offers exceptional receiver performance, exceeding or matching all other DMR base stations on the market for sensitivity, selectivity, and intermodulation performance. The TB9300 also provides operational efficiencies through remote network management and IP connectivity capabilities, including alarm monitoring and reporting, built-in diagnostics, and remote software downloads.