Tait Enable Suite

Tait Enable Suite is an innovative suite of management tools that puts you in complete control of your radio network. Managing your radio fleet can be daunting, with questions like who has each radio, when was the last firmware update, if each piece of the network is healthy and secure, and how to report on everything. Radio managers are often overwhelmed by endless spreadsheets, meetings, car rides, and details. However, with Tait Enable Suite, that is a thing of the past, and the future is here. Tait Enable Suite provides four distinct tools for mission-critical organizations to manage, monitor, safeguard, and report on their radio communications network.

These management tools can effectively enhance your Tait network by offering scalability and configurability. With these tools, you can monitor and report on the network usage and performance daily, weekly, or monthly and manage specific communication aspects. You can select and purchase the tools that suit your requirements and configure them to send performance data, reports, and alerts to specified managers and technical support staff for action. These tools are guaranteed to be compatible with Tait Services, allowing you to integrate and upgrade your solution at any time.

Explore Our Tait Enable Suite Of Management Tools

Enable Suite

Real-time information

Tait Enable tools provide you with real-time status displays, client-server updates, and monitoring to ensure that you are always optimizing and on top of the health of your network. Alarms and alerts notify you immediately when there is an issue, helping to reduce any interruptions to communications.

Ease of updating

With Tait Enable tools, you can deliver updates across your entire fleet using Over The Air Programming (OTAP). This feature eliminates the need for the radios to be physically present and provides consistent installation results.

Proof and paper trails

Reports created by Tait Enable Suite offer your organization the peace of mind that comes with having the correct information at the right time. Whether it’s proving that your network is operating efficiently, reporting on your IT network availability and infrastructure, or simply providing proof of a vital update during an audit, Tait Enable tools make it easy to collect, store, and call up this information when needed.

Simplified reporting

Tait Enable tools make it fast and easy to create and share reports customized to the needs of your organization. Having this accurate and reliable information ensures that you are always given the correct details to make educated decisions regarding your network. Security The layers of security provided by Tait Enable Suite give you confidence that no unauthorized users can interfere with your radio fleet. Security-enhancing features include pass keys, passwords, expiry dates, encryption, standards compliance, and different access levels, all through a secure, intuitive user interface.

Peace of mind

We help you ensure your network is in the best hands possible. With redundancy options for guaranteed performance and 24/7 support available, you can rely on Tait Enable tools to be there when needed. With Tait EnableInsight, support tickets submit automatically when there is an issue, eliminating the need for manual support requests.

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