Introducing the TP9600, the P25 Portable Radio you need, at the price you need, NOW

TP9600 Special

Technology is stretched, budgets are stretched; communications have never been more important. Now you can have advanced features you need in a tough radio at an entry level price!

That’s why we’re offering this fantastic limited time offer on the Tait TP9600 P25 portable radios now through June 30, 2020. Providing you with advanced features – such as Exceptional Audio, Enhanced Worker Safety, Connectivity Options, Tait Tough Build, and Enhanced User Experience – for entry level prices.

The Tait Tough pedigree of being built to survive harsh working environments continues in the TP9600, while offering greater choices and features for connectivity and productivity.

Tait Five_Color_Options

Exceptional Audio

Hear urgent calls loud and clear to enhance worker safety and efficiency.

  • P25 AMBE+2 Enhanced Digital Vocoder
  • Noise Suppression Software
  • Dual-mic Active Noise Cancellation
  • Large, Powerful 3W Speaker

Connectivity Options

Open standard compliant connectivity for networks and devices.

  • Conventional Analog
  • P25 Conventional Digital
  • P25 Phase 1 Digital Trunking
  • P25 Phase 2 Digital Trunking
  • WiFi OTAP Capability
  • Bluetooth® Audio
phone drop

Built Tait Tough

Tait hardware is renowned for being among the toughest in the industry.

  • IP65 & IP68 Dust and Waterproof
  • Shock Absorbing Corner Protection
  • Exceeds MIL-STD-810G
  • Water Shedding Grille