Tait TP2210

The Tait TP2 Series portable radio combines affordability with operational simplicity, making it the best investment for increasing communication and collaboration within mobile work teams. Keep business moving forward with TP2210 Series portable radios. Increase productivity in your teammates by providing cost-effective digital voice communications in a lightweight and easy-to-operate two-way radio that grows with your business.

Tait TP2210 Radios

  • Get Teams Talking Affordably
    Start teams talking quickly and affordably using direct radio-to-radio communications without the cost of additional networking equipment.
  • Make Working Easier
    Keep radio operation easy for employees using simple controls and user assistance features like voice announcements and a programmable button.
  • Power Through Extended Shifts
    Work with confidence, even beyond a normal shift, knowing a long-lasting battery with power-saving technology will keep you connected with your team.
  • Keep Business Moving Forward
    Your business moves at the speed of your team’s ability to meet customer demand. Increase employee productivity and your business by providing digital radio voice communication that accelerates conversation and collaboration between individuals and teammates. The Tait TP2210 DMR Tier 2 portable radio combines affordability with operational simplicity, making it the best communications investment for your business.
  • Protect Your Investments
    The Tait TP2210 is tested and certified to DMR digital radio standards specified for business mobile radio users, which means you can be confident it will work with equipment from other suppliers that adhere to the standard. Operating in a standards-based, multi-vendor environment gives you the highest level of choice and investment protection.
  • Build Your Workforce Quickly
    Rapid workforce expansion and routine employee turnover require business tools that are easy to learn so new workers can be productive on the first day on the job. The simple design of the Tait TP2210 uses clear and easily identifiable controls to make operation straightforward for users with minimal time spent in training.
  • Grow Simply And Cost-Affordably
    Cost-conscious businesses make investments that grow with them. The Tait TP2210 provides an easy and low-cost entry point using simple radio-to-radio direct communications between users, with the ability to grow to a multisite digital system without the cost of new radios or user retraining.
  • Analog And Digital Operation
    Communicate effortlessly in a mixed group of analog and digital radios, automatically switching modes with no user intervention required.
  • Cost-Effective Direct Mode
    Avoid the cost of additional networking equipment by operating radios in direct mode. This feature is ideal for small and medium single-site workplaces like schools and hotels.
  • Loud And Clear Audio
    Hear and be heard in noisy environments like construction sites and event spaces using crystal-clear digital DMR technology and a powerful speaker.
  • Single Charge Power
    Work with confidence beyond a normal shift knowing battery power-saving technology will keep communications flowing for up to 15 hours on a single charge.
  • User Safety Services
    Always know the safety status of employees by activating emergency calling and optional Man Down services on each radio.
  • Audio Channel Announcement
    This feature ensures you’re able to communicate with intended team members by receiving a customized voice announcement in plain speech when switching between channels.
  • Reliable And Durable
    Keep working, even in harsh conditions, using the radio’s rugged design and IP54 standard protection.

Man holding Tait TP2210 radio

Recommended Applications

  • Retail

  • Malls

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Events

  • Warehouse

  • Education

  • Executive

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