As a professional repeater built to the DMR standard, the RD982i brings you NEW cutting-edge technology at an exceptional value backed by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. The RD982i dual-mode auto-detection ensures your business has a smooth transition from the analog to the digital era.

Hytera RD982i

  • Clear Digital Communications Using DMR Technology
  • Large Color LCD Allows for a Full View of Messages & Alerts
  • Smart Analog/Digital Detection Allows for Easy Migration
  • Dual-Mode Auto-Detect
    The Hytera RD982i repeater supports digital and analog modes. It can smartly select the right one based on the type of received signal, allowing you to enjoy digital delights with ease.
  • Advanced TDMA Technology
    The application of Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technologies significantly enhances spectrum efficiency. This technology allows twice the user compared with that of traditional FDMA. This feature can save you cost in the base station and frequency license while relieving the pressure of increasing shortage in spectrum resources.
  • 128-bit Digital Encryption
    The advanced 128-bit encryption technology can secure your communication from being eavesdropped.
  • Advanced Heat Dissipation
    This unique cooling design is combined with a built-in heat sink and a temperature-controlled fan ensuring quick heat dissipation. This feature enables the repeater to work normally, even at full power.
  • Remote Diagnostics with Management Service
    With the management software, you can remotely monitor and diagnose a repeater. In addition, you can either record or play back the audio freely in digital mode.
  • Innovative LED Design
    The innovative LED and the 2.0“ HD color display delivers the repeater status, even in bright environments, and provides a pleasing visual experience.” Under the “RD982i Series Parts & Accessories” the following needs graphics: BRK19.


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Hytera RD982i

Hytera RD982i – Parts and Accessories