The Hytera HR1062 DMR Repeater is the culmination of this experience and spirit of innovation with a new standard in quality and performance. The HR1062 Blade Repeater and System Gateway is the next-generation in creative style and functionality that elevates the industry standards in professional digital two-way radios.

The Hytera HR1062 is a new state-of-the-art radio repeater, providing a more efficient and reliable experience with outstanding performance, compact size, flexible power options, and unparalleled system interconnect capabilities.

Hytera HR1062 DMR Repeater

  • Flexible Interconnection
    The HR1062 repeater is designed as an intelligent and seamless communication platform with the flexibility to connect with many systems. The HR106X can provide inter-system connectivity to SIP and VoIP Phones, dispatching systems, and DMR Tier II, Tier III, and XPT Trunking Systems.
  • Back-to-Back
    A back-to-back solution provides a cross-band communication IP Link between two repeaters enabling connectivity with analog and digital radios or radios with different frequencies. The RD1062 supports a 100% duty cycle ideal for heavy-call traffic applications.
  • XPT Trunking System (License Required)
    The XPT Trunking System is a widely-deployed, cost-efficient, and easily expandable radio system from Hytera. Based on proven repeater technology, XPT provides a wide-area distributed trunked radio system with increased capacity and does not require a controller node and dedicated control channel for high-traffic users.
  • Wireless Link
    Wireless Link Communication provides a wireless connection between two systems when there is no IP link. Two HM782 mobile radios using different frequencies can provide a wireless link between the repeaters in remote locations with uneven terrain.
  • Compact 1U Form Factor
    The 1U height is half that of conventional repeaters, and the HR1062 features an in-built power supply to save valuable rack space.
  • AC/DC Auto Switch
    The HR1062 supports AC/DC auto-switching for locations with different power sources/power redundancy, and eliminates the cost and space required for power adapters.
  • Analog & Digital Auto Switch
    Mixed channel mode detects the receiving signal and automatically switches between analog and digital modes to provide a simple migration path.
  • Reliable Operation
    Variable speed fans provide optimal cooling with front-to-back internal airflow with high-quality components to ensure 100% duty cycle operation for mission-critical applications.
  • Flexible Radio Network Connectivity
    The HR1062 supports a variety of analog and digital radio networks, including Analog and Digital Conventional, DMR Tier II, XPT Trunking, and DMR Tier III Trunking (available in mid-2022).
  • Wide Coverage
    Enhanced Rx sensitivity extends communication range, and an Ethernet port provides access to IP networks to enable remote site connectivity.
  • DMR – 2 TDMA 2 Time Slots
    TDMA digital technology provides 2 simultaneous voice channels that improve efficiency and doubles capacity without an extra frequency.
  • Higher Security
    The HR1062 supports Digital End-to-End and Over-the-Air Encryption. This optional software-based encryption uses secure and reliable ARC4 and AES encryption algorithms.

Recommended Applications

  • Retail

  • Malls

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Events

  • Warehouse

  • Education

  • Executive

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