Alpha Prime Communications has been providing reliable communications equipment and services to businesses and governmental agencies in the greater Chicagoland area and throughout the U.S. for over 25 years. We Don’t Just Sell Radios, We Help Business Connect and Get Things Done…

Our Best Performing Radios for Every Industry


When everyone is running away from danger, a fire truck is heading towards it. In order for these heroes to maintain safety and get their job done, all their communications must be efficient and user-friendly.


Construction employees rely on communications to be dependable and efficient in order to urgently respond to critical situations at the job site.  A construction company’s workers, vehicle operators, and administrative personnel require light-weight but rugged radios…


In today’s constant changing environment schools are faced with many challenges, none more important than keeping students and staff connected, safe and secure. It is this understanding that has made it possible for Hytera…

Property Management

Communication is the fundamental key for the smooth execution of operational and administrative responsibilities throughout a property. In today’s fast paced world, business and customers need…


A warehousing facility needs to communicate in a quick and reliable manner to efficiently handle all day-to-day operations.  All the facility’s pickers, packers, and executive personnel require light-weight but rugged radios…


A manufacturing facility requires communications to be dependable and efficient in order to urgently respond to critical situations.  A plant’s Factory workers, lineman and administrative personnel require light-weight…

Best Selling Hytera Radios

Hytera PD502i

Hytera PD502i

Hytera PD602i

Hytera PD602i


Hytera X1Pi

Discover Hytera Radios Solutions That are perfect for you

HYT Professional Radios

Portable radios make dedicated two-way communications faster, clearer, and easier to use. These practical radios can easily help increase productivity by keeping users communicating, while allowing them to concentrate on the job at hand.


Hytera DMR Radios

Licensed, professional two-way radios have revolutionized communications for decades and continue to empower millions of people today. From schools to seaports, construction sites to convention halls, they are synonymous with reliability, durability and convenience.

Hytera Radio

Hytera Radio Systems are cost effective and efficient. Whether you need a conventional single site system or a customized multi site or trunked system, Alpha Prime Communications can design, build, and install the perfect radio system specifically for your operations.


Radio Systems

Leasing converts a large capital expenditure into small monthly payments, enabling you to acquire new equipment. With leasing you pay for the equipment as you use it, making it more like an employee. Leasing pays for itself in revenue generation and/or cost savings.

Our Featured Service Solutions

Equipment Repair & Service

We are totally committed to keeping your system performing at peak efficiency.

Maintenance Contracts

Save time and money for all of your communications equipment.

Installation Services

We offer both on-site and in-field installations to our local customers.

FCC License Assistance

We will assist you with obtaining or maintaining your license, including all necessary filings and submittals.

Rental Solutions

We offer a range of radio rental equipment to meet your needs.

Why us?

We have the tools

Alpha Prime Communications is equipped to do anything from supplying just one single radio to designing and engineering the latest in innovative communications systems to meet your organization’s needs.

75 Years Experience

Alpha Prime Communications senior staff has over 75 Years combined experience providing communications solutions to government, business, and industry.

Certified Experience

Alpha Prime Communications is an authorized dealer for all of the products and services we provide with the full backing of the manufacturers. We are certified as a Small Business by the Small Business Administration.

Great Support

Alpha Prime Communications is a family owned and managed business that is totally focused and dedicated to providing our customers with only the highest level of service.

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