Best Two-Way Radios For Education

Two Way Radios for Education PD402i

Hytera PD402i


Best Two-Way Radios For Education Communication solutions for your campus, staff and security.

University workers, security personnel, coaching staff and maintenance crews all agree instant communications, security monitoring and the exchange of critical information are all vital tools in ensuring smooth day to day operations within the community of schools and universities.  The need for reliable communication through wide-spread areas and multiple site connectivity are all key in order for administrators and staff to work as a cohesive team increasing work efficiency.

Featured Solution:
Hytera’s DMR PD5 handheld radio series are impressive in their lightweight design, range of functions and excellent value.  Their outstanding voice quality and support for both digital and analog frequencies will bring a breath of fresh air to your radio communications.  Combine these with our RD982 repeaters allowing for full, reliable and a cost effective solution of two-way radio coverage serving the whole university premises.


Digital radios ensure superb voice quality in low coverage areas. Our digital repeaters increase outdoor and in-building coverage
IP Multi-Site Connect allows for voice and data communications at multiple campuses