Tait TP3 Series

The TP3 Series has features including voice annunciation, a color display, vibration alert, personalized label customization, and much more. With an array of options to suit different budgets and requirements, the TP3 Series offers maximum flexibility and high quality in a lower-cost portable.

The TP3 series offers an edgy design, maximum flexibility, and the best value for money. Available in DMR Tier 2 and analog, this ergonomic radio gives you the power and flexibility to choose color, display, keypad, and labels for radios. Standard features in the TP3350 include Bluetooth®, GPS, and Man Down. These features place this radio in a class of its own.

Construction Worker with radio

The TP3 comes with many benefits, especially when it comes to options. No DMR Tier 2 radio gives you more choices than the TP3 Series, with multiple bands, colors, displays, and keypads available. The ergonomic, edgy design is easy to use and includes a water-shedding grill that ensures clear audio, even in wet environments. The TP3 Series also has location services, allowing you to keep your eyes focused on the task at hand while changing channels or features with voice annunciation capabilities.