Tait TP9461 IS 16 Keys

The TP9461 IS 16 Keys Series (Intrinsically Safe) P25 portable is designed for maximum safety in the field and enhanced usability for first responders. It operates safely in hazardous environments, keeping your people safe and connected while they get their jobs done. The TP9461 IS Series portable enables first responder effectiveness and safety with internal GPS, IP67 protection, and AES encryption.

Tait TP9461 IS 16 Keys

  • Delivers on the P25 standards
    Benefit from the spectral efficiency, multi-vendor interoperability, security, migration, and data capability demanded by the P25 standards
  • Designed for demanding environments
    Designed with users to ensure the effective everyday operation
  • Enduser safety is ensured with globally recognized Intrinsically Safe rating systems
    The TP9461 IS portable is designed and tested to meet global IS standards, ensuring safe operation in hazardous environments.
  • Internationally recognized IS color
    The TP9461 IS model is made in the internationally recognized blue color for Intrinsically Safe portables, ensuring instant recognition in the field.
  • High-performing voice communications
    Robust design delivers clear, mission-critical voice communications.
  • Improve workforce safety
    The programmable emergency key is easily accessible and highly visible on the radio.
  • Effective operation with voice and data
    Support for a variety of simulcast modes like LSM and C4FM
  • Efficient, security-focused management
    The TP9461 IS management facilities and applications allow you to efficiently manage your radio fleet.
  • Complete package with accessories portfolio
    Intrinsically Safe audio accessories like speakers- microphones, headsets, and earpieces
  • User safety is ensured with a globally recognized Intrinsically Safe rating and internationally recognized blue color for intrinsic safety.
  • Manage migration risk with a multi-mode portable – analog, P25 Phase1 conventional/trunked, and P25 Phase 2 for enhanced interoperability.
  • P25 standards compliance for better choice and interoperability
  • AES encryption, voice and data, pre-set status messages, and internal GPS for safe and efficient operations
  • Engineered for demanding environments with an IP67 rating and a new water-shedding grille

Recommended Applications

  • Retail

  • Malls

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Events

  • Warehouse

  • Education

  • Executive

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