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The TP3300 NKND is a portable radio that stands out for its exceptional customization options. It operates in both DMR Tier 2 and analog, giving you the ability to design the radio according to your preferences. Whether it’s the color, display, keypad, or labels, you have complete control over the look and feel of each radio. With the TP3300 NKND, you can easily modify these features as your needs change, without incurring any additional costs. This radio truly offers a unique blend of customization and adaptability.

Tait TP3300 NKND Radios 

  • Maximum Flexibility
    No DMR Tier 2 radio gives you more choice than the TP3300 Series. Multiple bands, colors, displays, and keypads are available, plus there is plenty of space for personalized labels.
  • Edgy Design
    The edgy design is ergonomic, easy to use, and includes our water-shedding grill that ensures clear audio, even in wet environments.
  • Integrated GPS
    The TP3300 Series model is equipped with location services.
  • Voice Annunciation
    Keep your eyes up and focused on the task at hand while changing channels or features with the voice annunciation capabilities.
  • The Ability to Change
    With the TP3300, your radio provider can easily and quickly change the cover and keypad at any point, ensuring you maximize the value and don’t waste your initial investment.
  • Great Value
    Each model offers maximum flexibility in its ability to change covers. Every TP3300 is built with IP67 water and dust protection, and endless options for personalization.
  • Man Down
    You can save lives by dramatically improving response time if, for any reason, your people fall and cannot call for help.
  • Color Display
    The edgy design of the 4-Key and 16-key models includes a 160×128 pixel, 1.77″ color display. The display can be used to select from the 2000 channels, for text messages, caller ID, or identifying talk groups.
  • Choose Your Own Color
    Each TP3300 radio is available in a range of colors, giving your organization the freedom to choose radios that look the way you want.
  • Choose Your Display and Keypad
    No Key, No Display model (0-key)
  • Choose Your Label
    Each radio is built with designated spaces for custom labels. Die-cut labels are high-tack adhesives, color-customized, and waterproof, alcohol, chemical and smudge resistant.
  • Voice Annunciation
    Keep your eyes up and focused on the task at hand while changing channels or features with the voice annunciation capabilities.
  • Increase Health and Safety
    Reliable and clear communications
  • Vibration Alerts
    Help ensure every text message is detected.
  • GPS
    Allows you to locate your staff, check their progress, and ensure they aren’t lost or off track. 
  • Man Down
    Sends an alert to dispatch when the radio detects unusual tilt or inactivity, such as when someone on your team has been injured and collapses

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Recommended Applications

  • Retail

  • Malls

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Events

  • Warehouse

  • Education

  • Executive

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