A portable, compact, lightweight, intrinsically safe DMR radio, specially designed for those who work in environments with explosive gas and combustible specks of dust, where using regular radios could be unsafe. The Hytera PD982i UL913 is UL913/TIA4950-rated for safety allowing your workers to communicate safely and efficiently even in hazardous environments. The PD982i UL913 is a cost-effective intrinsically safe radio offering highly advanced features for public safety, enterprise, and commercial users.

Hytera PD982i UL913

  • UL913/TIA4950 Certified DMR Portable Two-Way Radio
  • Designed for Hazardous Working Environments
  • UL913/TIA4950 Certified High Capacity Li-ion Battery
  • IP68 Protection
    IP68 rated for dust and water intrusion ensures outstanding performance even in harsh environments.
  • 1.8″ High Definition Display
  • Integrated GPS and RF Antenna, More Accurate Positioning, and Receiving
  • Better Sensitivity and Frequency Stability
    Advanced technology improves receiving performance to enhance communication distance and reliability. Compared with the PD782i, the PD982i UL913 adopts a new hardware design enhanced with 26% more sensitivity.
  • Enhanced Voice Quality
    Maximum 2.5W output speaker and new noise canceling technology ensure clear and loud voice communication.
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Longer Battery Life
    The PD982i UL913 adopts new battery-saving technology to guarantee longer communication time. Compared with the PD782i, the PD982i UL913 provides an increased battery life of more than 33%.
  • DMR Standard (ARC4/40-Bit) Enhanced Encryption
  • Optimized Push-to-Talk
    Allows the radio to set up an audio buffer and store what the user speaks before the call establishes. Then it sends the stored audio with the real-time audio after the call. Therefore, users can talk right after pressing the PTT button without waiting for the clear-to-talk tone. This feature also enhances the handover function without dropping communications in Tier III systems during site switching.
  • Over-the-Air Alias
    The PD982i UL913 supports sending the radio alias over the air when transmitting. The radio receiving the call decides to create a new contact/overwrite the old one automatically. This feature is convenient for the user to manage the fleet with correct contacts stored in the radios without reprogramming each unit.
  • Full Duplex Call
    The PD982i UL913 can make full duplex calls with other PD982i UL913 radios, telephones, or cellphones.
  • Single Frequency Repeater Mode (Optional Feature)
    Using an interference cancellation technique, the PD982i UL913 can use one slot to receive a call and another slot to transmit the call on the same frequency, extending communications distance in DMO mode.
  • Micro SD Card (Optional Feature)
    The PD982i UL913 uses micro SD storage technology to record and store critical voice calls or data transmissions. The PD982i UL913 supports a maximum 32G micro SD card, to record up to 576 hours of digital/analog voice data.
  • RTC Clock
    RTC clock feature allows users to check the accurate time of received messages and call.

Standard Features

  • Full Keypad, Color Screen, 1024 Channels
  • Analog and Digital Dual Mode
  • Bluetooth Audio & Data
  • Integrated GPS & GLONASS
  • Pre-programmed & Freeform Text Messaging
  • Option Board
  • Roaming
  • Scan
  • Voice Notification

Audio Features

  • Auto Gain Control
  • Acoustic Feedback Suppressor
  • Multi Band Equalization
  • Noise Reduction Technology

Safety Features

  • UL913/TIA4950 Certified
  • Emergency Alarm
  • Dedicated Emergency Button
  • Alert Call
  • Man Down
  • Lone Worker
  • DMR Standard Encryption (ARC4/40-bit)
  • Multiple Key Encryption
  • Priority Interrupt
  • Remote Monitor
  • Radio Enable/Disable
  • Radio Check
  • Vibration
  • GPS Location Check

Systems Features

  • Analog Conventional
  • DMR Conventional
  • IP Site Connect
  • DMR Simulcast System
  • Pseudo Trunk
  • XPT Trunking
  • Telemetry
  • Telephone Interconnect

Optional Features

  • Enhanced Encryption (128/256-bit)
  • DMR Tier III Trunking
  • Full Duplex Call (DMR Tier III System)
  • Single Frequency Repeater Mode
  • Micro SD Card


Hytera PD982i UL913

Recommended Applications

  • Public Safety

  • Chemical Industry

  • Firefighting

  • Food and Feedstuffs Industry

  • Manufacturing

  • Oil & Gas

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Refinery

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