The HYT TC508, one of the market-leading products in HYT’s commercial radio series, is an ideal choice for facilities, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, and education. As an affordable and reliable two-way radio for business and industry, TC508 can enhance your productivity and management efficiency. The excellent design of HYT’s compact TC508 portables guarantees superior ergonomics. Moreover, it can ensure incredible performance in most operating conditions, thanks to MIL-STD 810 & HYT 5-year ALT test. Besides, HYT TC508 provides up to 14 hours of battery life to ensure long-lasting performance and convenience. Affordable price and distinct performance – TC508 deserves your trust.

  • Long Battery Life with Battery Save Function
    Over 14 hours of battery life at 5-5-90 gets enhanced by the battery save feature in standby mode.
  • Voice-operated Transmit (VOX)
    If VOX (Voice-Operated Transmit) gets programmed into your radio, you can communicate through your VOX earpiece to enjoy hands-free operation.
  • High/Low Power Switch
    Power adjusts for each channel through the key pre-set as a High/Low power switch. When the range of communication is short, low power is the priority for battery saving.
  • 16 Channels
    Programmable for up to 16 channels of operation.
  • Compact Size and Lightweight
    The compact design makes the TC-500 series radios easy to hold, carry, and a handy carry strap is included so you can take it virtually anywhere.
  • Wide Communication Range
    4 Watts UHF or 5 Watts VHF output power can realize a wide communication range.
    Set up workgroups/users with unique CDCSS/CTCSS to prevent unwanted conversations on the same frequency.
  • Low Battery Alert
    Audible tone and visual display tell you when the battery is running low.
  • Compliant to MIL-STD C/D/E/F & IP54-Rated
    The TC-508 has passed stringent tests to ensure rugged performance in harsh environments.
  • Time-out Timer (TOT)
    Allows for efficient channel use by limiting the time used for each transmission.
  • Priority Channel Scan
    Priority scan permits the scanning of identified channels while monitoring your most important channel more.
  • Busy Channel Lockout
    A channel already in use is not available to other users.
  • Monitor
    Allows you to monitor channels for activity.
  • Selectable Squelch Level & Squelch Tail Elimination
    The function will minimize the annoying audio outputs that occur at the receiver on completion of a transmission.
  • Cloning Capable
    This feature copies the features of one radio to another.

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Recommended Applications

  • Property Management

  • Hospitality

  • Logistics

  • Education

  • Warehouse

  • Agriculture

  • Retail

HYT TC508 Parts and Accessories