The TAIT AXIOM Mobile TMX450 is widely deployed in vehicle fleets across the globe. Its primary purpose is to enhance worker safety and productivity by seamlessly connecting to various communication networks and providing access to applications and workflows through an intelligent vehicle network and an edge computing platform. All of this functionality is packed into a familiar mobile radio design.

What distinguishes the TMX450 from other devices in its category is its ability to execute custom workflows and automate tasks to enhance worker safety and productivity. Thanks to its edge computing capabilities, support for multiple networks, and location data, numerous workflows critical to the efficiency of mobile teams can operate without human intervention. Organizations with mobile teams can streamline manual routines using location data, instructing the device to trigger pre-configured actions automatically. For instance, it can alert the driver upon entering a hazardous area or open a security gate as needed.

This edge computing capability unlocks several valuable features. It allows for recording every voice call, irrespective of the network or bearer, even encompassing off-network calls. This recording capability can prove invaluable for post-incident analysis or routine audits. Additionally, the TMX450 boasts WiFi and LTE connectivity, facilitating broadband over-the-air programming (OTAP) to distribute device updates across the entire fleet efficiently.

Tait TMX450

  • Venture Far Beyond Radio Coverage
    Work with confidence in and between areas with low or no radio network coverage, automatically switching communications to broadband networks.
  • Boost the Range of Your Productivity
    Turn your vehicle into a communications hotspot, boosting the range of connected portable devices and productivity for the people using them.
  • Keep Working Past the Network Edge
    Ensure work continues, even outside the range of any communications, by hosting and processing workforce applications and their data locally.
  • Freedom To Roam
    Free your mobile workforce from the constraints of operating within a single communications network by making analog and digital radio, WiFi, Ethernet, and public and private cellular instantly available through an intelligent vehicle network that travels with them.
  • Extend Work Processes To The Edge

    Remove the reliance on remote access to centralized applications by executing work processes locally on a customizable Linux-based edge computing platform.
  • Automate Manual Routines Using External Inputs
    Build and execute workflows on the mobile device that use external inputs like location, proximity to sensors or data from third-party providers to trigger pre-configured actions normally performed manually by the user or additional personnel.
  • Simply And Ensure Secure Data Exchange
    Reduce the complexity and security risk of managing multiple in-vehicle devices by assigning one powerful appliance the responsibilities of a broadband access point, IP router, and multi-bearer communications manager.
  • Ultimate Connectivity
  • Smart Accessibility
  • Automate Manual Routines Using Data Location
  • Onboard Voice Recording
  • Broadband OTAP
  • Hand Held Control Head (HHCH) Option
  • Large Control Head (LCH) Option
  • Remote Control App
  • Multi-Bearer Antenna Kit
  • Rugged External Speaker

Tait TM9315 in use by Trucker

Recommended Applications

  • Retail

  • Malls

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Events

  • Warehouse

  • Education

  • Executive