Tait DMR Radios

DMR Portable Radios

Tait’s portable radios are designed to be flexible and adaptable, making them suitable for use in a range of challenging environments that their customers face. These radios are critical safety tools that provide users with reliable communication and support open standards. When combined with other Tait systems, such as DMR Tier 3, software like Tait Enable management tools, and Tait Unified Solutions, they can significantly enhance organizational efficiency, making them an essential investment for mission-critical organizations.

DMR Intrinsically Safe Radios

Tait has developed the TP9361 Intrinsically Safe (IS) DMR portable radio to provide safe communication in hazardous environments, enabling users to carry out their jobs without compromising their safety. This radio is engineered to meet stringent safety requirements and provide reliable communication in challenging conditions. Additionally, the TP9368 Intrinsically Safe (IS) DMR portable radio boasts the highest Class 1 Division 1 gas ratings in the market, ensuring that it can safely operate in hazardous environments. This feature enables faster safety assessment when responding to unknown situations, and allows the use of Tait TP9368 IS radios in locations where other IS radio use may be currently limited. With these radios, users can feel confident that they have reliable and safe communication, even in the most challenging environments.

DMR Mobile Radios

Tait’s DMR mobile radios are engineered to provide reliable communication in challenging conditions, boasting industry-leading digital voice and data, superb usability, and secure communications. These mobile radios come equipped with a wide range of features that can improve safety and efficiency for mission-critical organizations. One example of such a radio is the Tait TM9300, a high-performing, flexible, and robust mobile radio that offers users around the world high-quality audio and intuitive operation. It supports multiple modes of operation, including trunked DMR, conventional DMR, MPT 1327, and conventional FM. To further enhance communication capabilities, Tait offers Tait Unified Vehicle, which can be used in conjunction with the TM9300 to supercharge your communication abilities.

DMR Repeaters

Tait’s DMR base stations and repeaters are engineered to provide unbeatable performance and reliability in mission-critical operations. They adhere to DMR standards and ensure interoperability with other vendors, allowing organizations to have greater choice in meeting their unique requirements. Tait offers the TB9300 Base Stations, which are digital base stations for DMR Tier 2 or Tier 3 networks. These base stations can be used in conventional or trunked mode and are IP connected, providing users with flexibility in network design. Moreover, the functionality of these base stations allows for easy migration paths from analog networks to DMR, making them an ideal investment for organizations looking to transition to digital communication solutions.

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